Nikos Pantazopoulos,  to unfurl I , Pigment print,2017, 80 x 180 cm.

Nikos Pantazopoulos, to unfurl I, Pigment print,2017, 80 x 180 cm.


Nikos Pantazopoulos


Nikos Pantazopoulos lives and works in Melbourne, Australia and is a Lecturer in the Photography Studio in the School of Art at RMIT. He is currently a Gertrude Contemporary studio artist and has undertaken solo projects at BUS ARI and West Space. He will present his photographic series Like the Clap of Thunder, which consists of a series of bedsheets unfurling mid air and frozen by the cameras flash. These works have a strong abstract power which both borrows from modernist art and attempts to undermine it, in what Nikos calls the ‘queering’ of modernist art with an elegant gesture.The bedsheets also represent intimacy, and hence emotion.