Helen Grogan, Untitled, 2018.


Helen Grogan


Helen Grogan lives and works in Melbourne. Informed by studies in philosophy and choreography, she used scultptural, photographic, and filmic means to appraoch space and observation as material(s). Helen’s pracice operates critially and dynamicaly with exhibition formats and institutional conditions. Works often incorporate explicit processes of flux, drift, layering, and reconfiguaration as means to push or stretch temporalities and spatilities. For Great Movements of Feeling Helen will make a new multichannel video work. She will document objects put under stress untill they reach breaking point. By using objects as opposed to human centric narratives driven by a conflict of wills and desire for expression, she conveys a want to remove subjectivity. The works also speaks of the nature of human emotions occuring when under tension, when accidents occur.