Intimacy Is a Crisis

By Alex Lambert

In this small essay I take a brief tour through the history of intimacy in the West. I wish to show that today we are experiencing a crisis of intimacy. Intimacy is becoming a mystery. We worry so much about this that we stop caring about those who are not intimate. The non-intimate is devalued, and this becomes a serious political problem. Intimacy’s qualities are under attack. Qualities like privacy and familiarity. We fear that once intimacy has been thoroughly disqualified we will have lost something sacred. This is the crisis. It attracts and concerns us. Yet in attracting us, it distracts us. While gazing on this burning home should we not ask: what would be lost if we surge into the flames? 

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Unthinking Love

By Sarah Werkmeister

There is no one way of feeling. We all know that through our different experiences — social, political, economic, gender-based, race-based — that we have different ways of connecting moments to memories, and further embodying memories into actions. Let the following not dictate how you should feel, but consider it when thinking about how we feel.

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